Contrary to people’s beliefs, Eve was not the first woman, Lilith was. She and Adam were created at the same time from the same substance, essentially equal in all ways. Adam was always on top while he and Lilith would make love, believing he was the more dominant one. One day Lilith decided she no longer wanted to be submissive, she wished for a chance to be on top. She was his equal, why would she not be allowed to show her dominance and sexuality? Adam refused, appalled and furious with Lilith’s request. Lilith was independent, strong and would not subside to Adam. She wished to be treated equally. She refused to be submissive and left the paradise God created for her and Adam, regardless of the consequences.

Lilith and Lace is about EMBRACING AND OWNING YOUR SEXUALITY and feeling EQUAL, POWERFUL, and BEAUTIFUL  in a world that doesn’t always want you to.